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Have you had your identity stolen yet?

It is one of the highest rising crime statistics in the country now and from the looks of things, it doesn’t look like things are going to get better anytime soon.

When I had my identity stolen, it cost me over $800.00 in a matter of hours. I was blessed in the fact that I had stopped by my bank after work that day and found out my account had been hit the day before and again that morning.

Imagine my surprise (and shock) when I pulled up to the drive through and tried to get some cash and I was told that I didn’t have enough in my account. It was three days after payday! I hadn’t written any checks, and knew there were only two autodrafts set up. When I asked what they meant, they told me I had withdrawn the maximum amount from my Check Card the past two days…. from Colorado! And here I was at work in Phoenix, AZ.

Well, now I don’t have to worry about dealing with the recovery IF that should happen again. I found a service that not only helps protect me from ID Theft, but it also helps REPAIR the damage a single hit can do. It took me over four years to clean up the mess from those two days, and a couple thousand dollars in fees for attorneys and certified mailings to get my credit report cleaned up.

I really don’t want you to have to go through that, and if it has already happened to you, I know the pain, anger and shock you went through.

That is why I looked high and low and did my “Due Diligence” to find the best ID Theft prevention service available and one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg every month, only to be told there is little they can do if you happen to get hit again by ID thieves.

Want to know a bit more about this service? Simply fill in your name and email in the form below and I will send you some information on what I found and why  feel it is the best service available. If you would prefer a quicker response, include your phone number and I will call you directly.

Now that is just the beginning of the services that you can get through this company.
You can also get access to your own Legal Assistance and Advice (Yes, you can actually talk directly with an attorney without having to pay the $250/hour or more).

Now add to that if you have (or are looking at building) a Home Based or Small Business, there is an option to include Legal Services that small businesses and home based businesses need for a minimal addon fee. Find out more here and then when you have questions, simply fill out the form above and include your phone number and I will personally call you to answer any question regarding these services.