Beware 3rd Party Toolbars

Beware 3rd Party Toolbars – They May Be Mining Bitcoins From Your Computer


You download a toolbar and the next thing you know, your computer is running slowly. What you don’t realize is that most of your processing power is being used by a program you don’t even realize you installed, called jh1d.exe, jhProtominer, or monitor.exe. So what’s this malware doing? It’s using the processing power of your computer, along with thousands of other unsuspecting computers, to solve encrypted Bitcoin transactions and earn Bitcoins, currently worth over $1,000 per coin.


Oddest of all, they spell this out in the fine print of the toolbar you downloaded. Basically what they’re doing can be summed up like this: “We’re going to eat up your processing power and make money that we aren’t going to share with you while doing it.”