Get Links From Authority Sites

Ways To Get Links From Authority Sites

As a webmaster, you sure know that one of the best ways to get high rankings in search engines is to get back links from authority sites. While it’s simple to obtain links and to go up in search engine results page by submitting content to article directories, this is not the only way to achieve your dream. With the lots of competitors emerging day by day, it is becoming a little harder to climb in search engine rankings. But this doesn’t mean directories have no importance at all. You still have to be careful when choosing the ones to submit your articles to.

Here are some of the sites where you can submit articles with back links pointing to your site:

o    Free online directories
Free directories like DMOZ are a good source of authority links. While not all who submit in such sites get accepted, it is worth trying because being accepted here means that you site has unique content and exclusive offerings. These sites are vey much strict in assessing websites so it is such an honor to be accepted here. Submit your website in the said directories and wait until it is evaluated.

o    Paid web directories with authority
Paid directories that are of good quality are really superb resources of backlinks because they are regularly updated, promoted, and well categorized. You have to shell out a small amount to cover the time they will spend in reviewing your site. There is no guarantee that once you pay your site will be accepted, so make sure that you follow the submission guidelines.

o    Sites linking to your competitor site
It is always good to find out what sites are linking to your competition. If they agree to link to your competitor, it is also possible that they will link to your site.

o    Authority blog sites
These sites can be a wonderful source of quality links since they usually have an abundance of traffic. Read the posts in such sites and leave relevant comments. Avoid making comments that are spam or off topic just to acquire links because visitors will always notice it and it can hurt your reputation and credibility. Make sure your comments are always related to the topic.

o    Schools and government sites
It can be difficult to get links from these sites and you usually need to have a friend or a relative working in the said institution. But you can still try to offer something in exchange of the links. You can make donations to the institution or volunteer as a speaker during seminars or conventions.

It is hence important that you socialize with other people within your niche especially with key persons running your prospect authority site. There are lots of ways to do this online or offline. To socialize with them offline, you can try participating in or organizing industry seminars, conferences, workshops, and meet ups. Online socialization can be done through social media sites such as forums, social networking sites, and blogs.